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August 29, 2015   10:30a-7:00p

 Who We Are
The Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce is a business organization of roughly 750 members across the lower South Shore. We exist to serve not only local business, but the community at large. How do we do that? By offering a variety of business networking opportunities; by sounding a strong voice on local and regional business issues; by offering educational seminars and special programs to our members; by developing and supporting economic development initiatives that improve the overall quality of life in the region.
Our Mission

The Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit, private organization representing over 750 businesses and organizations.  The Chamber provides resources for businesses and our communities to experience individual and collective growth through business education; networking, workshops and forums, and legislative advocacy that result in cohesive regional success.

 (Photo: Denise Maccaferri)
Thinking About Joining The Chamber?
How does your local Chamber work for you, your business and your community? Learn the value of a Chamber for your business.
Chamber Staff
Kevin O'Reilly, Executive Director
Amy Naples, Director of Operations
Bob Nolet, Director of Communications & Events
Amy Clark, Director of Financial Services
Meaghan Doherty, Director of Membership Relations & Events
Kristin Thomas, Programs & Membership Coordinator




  September 21, 2015   
Crosswinds Golf Club




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