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The Chamber gives its Members the chance to take advantage of group rate Health & Dental Insurance benefits by being an active Member with the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Who is MACCE?

The Massachusetts Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives represents the 100+ Chambers of Commerce in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MACCE’s mission is to be an accessible and valuable resource to the Chamber professionals serving our state’s communities. MACCE provides a wide-range of resources and opportunities, including working to advance the professional growth of Chamber professionals, supporting the adoption of a legislative agenda that has a positive impact on business, creating products and services that assist members, and encouraging and maintaining strategic alliances with affinity organizations to better serve our constituents.  MACCE is proud to sponsor the Group Purchasing Cooperative to make health insurance more affordable for small businesses.


  • The Cooperative is open to any small business (50 or fewer full-time employees) that is a member of one of the participating Chambers of Commerce or other participating organizations.
  • Cooperative members will be able to receive a discount on the health insurance they buy from one or more of the insurance carriers in the state.
  • The insurance plan options may vary by region of the state, but we plan to have at least one attractive option in each region.
  • Businesses will likely be able to continue to enroll in health insurance through their existing broker or intermediary.
  • The Cooperative will offer its members a health and wellness program that is designed to help people live healthier lives and to better manage their medical conditions.


 Participating Insurance Providers



Fallon Health Plan

Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce-Member Brokers


Axial Benefits Group                                           

Kevin O’Keefe                                             Phone: 781-273-1425

51 Court Street                                           Fax: 781-998-5575

Plymouth, MA 02050                                    Email: kevin@axialbg.com


Baystate Financial Services                                           

David Pecinovsky                                        Phone: 781-834-1111

10 Congress Street                                      Fax: 781-834-1142

Marshfield, MA 02050                                  Email: dpecinovsky@baystatefinancial.com


Brabo Benefits

Scott Hokanson                                          Phone: 508-830-3800

51 Court Street                                           Fax: 617-733-6471

Plymouth, MA 02360                                   Email: shokanson@brabobenefits.com


Partners Benefit Group, Inc.

Mark Rezendes                                           Phone: 508-746-6570

340 Court Street, Unit 9                           Fax: 508-746-6573

Plymouth, MA 02360                                Email: mark@partnerbenefitgroup.com


Partners Benefits Group, Carey-Neville Insurance

Noreen Carey-Neville                               Phone: 508-830-1819

296 Billington Street                                  Fax: 774-283-4893

Plymouth, MA 02360                                  Email: noreen@carey-neville.com


Partners Benefits Group, Carey-Neville Insurance

Pamela Gentiles                                           Phone: 508-830-1819

296 Billington Street                                    Fax: 774-283-4893

Plymouth, MA 02360                                    Email: pam@carey-neville.com


Partners Benefits Group, Carey-Neville Insurance

Peter Neville                                                Phone: 508-830-1819

296 Billington Street                                    Fax: 774-283-4893

Plymouth, MA 02360                                    Email: peter@carey-neville.com


Rogers & Gray Insurance

Beth Kennelly                                              Phone: 508-747-4385

63 Smith Lane                                             Fax 877-816-2156

Kingston, MA 02364                                    Email: bkennelly@rogersgray.com


If you are a certified broker through the MACCE Health Insurance Coop Program and a Member of the

Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce and are not listed, please contact Amy Naples at

amyc@plymouthchamber.com or 508-830-1620.