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The Chamber offers its Members many unique opportunities to promote their business to their fellow Chamber Members.  Here are just a few examples of how the Chamber can work for your business.


* The Chamber Report E-Newsletter

The Chamber Report E-Newsletter is broadcast to all Chamber Members each week.  Approximately 2000 area businesses & community leaders receives this weekly communication.  Sponsorship opportunities are available for each E-Newsletter.

* The Chamber Membership Directory & Community Guide        

This Directory is produced yearly and is distributed to all Chamber Members & individuals relocating to the area.  

* The Chamber Website

         Advertise on www.plymouthchamber.com!  This is available to Chamber members only and advertisers may   chose from two ad sizes.

* Monthly E-Blast Sponsorships

         Sponsor our "What's Happening on the Hill?" weekly eblasts.  Only one sponsor per eblast.


To inquire as to how your business may become involved in our many Chamber Sponsorship opportunities contact the Chamber Offices at 508.830.1620 or email Bob Nolet at bob@plymouthchamber.com.